1. offisir:

    do u ever just cum and it ain’t great and ur like “ok that one was super lame”

  2. hqlines:

Not ours! Contact if yours!


    Not ours! Contact if yours!

  3. thedorkiestviking:

    something all of tumblr should see.

  4. zootedboy:

    if we skyping best believe im looking at myself in that lil window not u

  5. I demand unconditional love and complete freedom. That is why I am terrible.
    — Tomaž Šalamun (via larmoyante)
  6. the-regressor:


    The Laugh of Us: Early beta footage from the cancelled game

    CHARACTERS: Joel, Ellie, the Infected

    Software used ~Maya, Photoshop, After Effects~
    Low poly commissions starting at $15 ! More info
    Made while watching: He-Man (2002)

    Last of Us Remastered is out today! So here is a repost of something I did about a year ago when the PS3 version launched. Got the idea for the punny title thanks to Ellies attempts at telling jokes at certain points in the game lol

  7. deodrant:

    i love sleeping to avoid problems

  8.  - Everybody
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    The start of a little project I’m working on.


  9. suspend:

    i dont need a date i need cash

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